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What is the Esprimi Insight Omnibus?

The Insight Omnibus is a cost-effective method of research where a number of clients pool their own set of questions to make up one research study. The study allows you to ask a battery of questions to a representative sample of over 500 respondents from the general population in Malta. It is commonly used for Marketing Performance Measurement, Market Share Analysis, Brand Tracking Awareness, and Brand Sentiment Research.

How It Works





We use a mixed methodology comprising of online and telephone interviews.


The Esprimi Insight Omnibus is carried out on a quarterly basis and allows you to ask a battery of questions to a representative sample of 500 respondents from the general population in Malta.

We can also cater for specific target populations if you’re after the opinions of people with certain demographics or criteria.


What You Will Get

The Esprimi Insight Omnibus can tackle:

Executing concept tests, name tests,
package tests

Identifying awareness, attitudes and

Customer profiling demographics

Developing and piloting questions for
other full-scale research projects.

Gauging satisfaction with a brand or

Bulk Offering

Know you’ll be interested in conducting multiple studies? Purchase in bulk and receive a discount on Esprimi Surveys. Bulk Omnibus purchases are billed on a quarterly basis over the course of twelve months.

From Our Clients

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Here’s what our clients are saying.

“It’s always a pleasure doing business with Esprimi.  What I particularly appreciate is the positive approach of the team. Unusual requests, tight deadlines and new methodologies are met with let’s see how we can do this. The objective of research is of course to learn, and I feel that in this fundamental aspect the Esprimi team shares my curiousity and desire to uncover hidden insights, not just for the sake of learning, but for real business impact.”

Amanda Holmes

Marketing Manager, Melita Ltd

“Esprimi have offered outstanding service to our organisation.  They’ve transcended the Maltese borders, as we use their system in China and mostly in the Chinese language. The reports provided by Esprimi on the evaluation surveys filled in by the participants of our events have provided us with direct, professional and systematic feedback that has in turn enhanced our monitoring and evaluation of our activities.”

Etienne Micallef

Project Manager, International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

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Esprimi is an innovative market research company in Malta specialising in market, employee and media research solutions. 

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