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Generational Insights provides insights into the wants and
needs of Generation X, Y and Z in the workplace. 

Why Generational Insights?

In recent years, HR managers have been faced with concerns relating to managing employees from different generations at the place of work. Generational Insights highlights the differences (and the similarities) that exist between Generations X, Y and Z in order to help businesses adapt their systems and strategies to create a synergised workplace. Do you find yourself asking ‘What can I do to keep my employees happy at work? What keeps people motivated and engaged? How can I retain my employees’ – If you do, we’re not surprised. Today’s workforce is made up of 5 different generations with each generation bringing their own baggage of what they perceive work to be and the role it plays in their daily lives. 

How We Do It

Our Generational Insights report taps into the following elements:

Perception of Role of Work

Feedback and Communication

Working Preferences

Ambitions and Aspirations

Job Attraction Factors

Perception of Other Generations at Work


Job Retention Factors

Mining the Data

For the first time ever, HR professionals in Malta can dive into a dynamic report which will help them understand the similarities and differences amongst the different generations. To this, Esprimi has interviewed over 1,000 people who fall into the categories of Generation X, Y and Z.

Our dynamic reporting tool will allow you to get insight into the patterns between the different generations. This information is sure to support your decisions and strategies to lead your multigenerational teams to success.

One Plan

From Our Clients

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"It’s always a pleasure doing business with Esprimi. What I particularly appreciate is the positive approach of the team. Unusual requests, tight deadlines and new methodologies are met with let’s see how we can do this. The objective of research is of course to learn, and I feel that in this fundamental aspect the Esprimi team shares my curiosity and desire to uncover hidden insights, not just for the sake of learning, but for real business impact."

Amanda Holmes, Marketing Manager, Melita Ltd

“Esprimi have offered outstanding service to our organisation. They've transcended the Maltese borders, as we use their system in China and mostly in the Chinese language. The reports provided by Esprimi on the evaluation surveys filled in by the participants of our events have provided us with direct, professional and systematic feedback that has in turn enhanced our monitoring and evaluation of our activities.”

Etienne Micallef, Project Manager, International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

"Esprimi were very helpful from the start. They understood our requirements instantly and they guided us really well. They delivered the results on time, which were perfectly analysed and very easy to understand and analyse ourselves. When we requested some more results they were super happy to provide them for us and once again they were done really well and on time. We highly recommend Esprimi and we look forward to working with them again in the future."

Christabel Galea, Marketing and Fulfilment Manager, Yellow

"We are extremely pleased with the way that Esprimi contributed to the project from beginning to end, they were very hands-on and part of the project throughout. ESPRIMI’s expertise was tremendously useful in guiding us with the selection process, coming-up with the appropriate questions in order to accurately determine the customer sentiment on a long and difficult customer journey. The results were presented in a dashboard which enabled us to get the most out of the survey through analysis of various different demographics. Thanks Esprimi for a very successful project."

Ray Gibson, MAPFRE MSV Life

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