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Why Employee’s Voice?

Insight into employee satisfaction has never been more valuable and that’s why our Employee’s Voice solution provides you with detailed information gathered first hand from your employees that you can act upon to stay on top of your business. With this kind of information at hand, HR managers can play a greater role in business strategy setting, thus giving more weight to data on employee attitudes and perceptions. We want to know more, we want to quantify more – and Employee’s Voice has a way to do so.
Employee's Voice Research
What is Employee’s Voice?

Employee’s Voice benchmarks the perception employees have of their employers through a structured and data-oriented approach. The survey explores 8 domains with each domain having 8 statements covering different aspects of the domain. Participating organizations also have access to a benchmark report which provides a comparison of the organisation’s scores against those of other participating organisations. Additionally, Employee Insights assesses employee engagement with an internationally validated set of questions and allows for benchmarking both locally and overseas.

8 Domains

The Business Leaders Employee’s Voice is based on a scientific research study that identifies 8 domains of immediate interest to you as an employer and also your employees. These domains are


Communication and Team Cohesiveness

The aim of this scale is to determine the effectiveness and openness of the organisation’s communication channels and team cohesiveness.

Employee Wellbeing

The aim of this scale is to measure the level of care the organisation extends to its employees.

Performance Orientation

The aim of this scale is to gauge the focus the organisation
has in performance management.


Training and Development

The perceived investment, and commitment to employee training and development is measured via this scale.

Corporate Culture

This explores aspects of commitment towards the organisation’s culture and the strength of the organisation’s identity.

Leadership Effectiveness

The aim of this scale is to measure the effectiveness of the organisation’s leadership.

Reward and Recognition

The aim of this scale is to measure the perceptions of employees, on issues of tangible and non-tangible reward elements. This scale also explores aspects of recognition.

Employee Engagement

This shorter section uses an internationally validated set of questions to asses vigor, dedication and absorption as a gauge for how engaged an employee is with their role and organisation. .

How Does It Work?




The study is conducted via an online survey.

The survey is sent directly to your employees using a unique one-time use web link which will be valid for one week.
Employees will be asked to rate their employer through a series of statements for the 8 domains.

What Are The Benefits?

Here’s what you’ll get:

Get actionable information at an affordable price.
Participating organisations will receive comparative average scores to reflect the organisations’ ranking vis-a’-vis other entities.
Better employee branding.
Each participating organisation will be in a position to execute a planned approach to tackling change using the information the survey will provide.
Year-on-Year reporting is provided to participating organisations to monitor change over time.
Benchmarking of employee engagement rating.

Tailor-made Solution?

You can opt for custom surveys that tap directly into your organisation’s specific needs and goals. Business Leaders has a wide-ranging experience in creating uniquely designed solutions for companies in various industries. Let us help you stay on top of your business. Our state-of-the-art research methods will equip you with the necessary tools to acquire the necessary information to implement a successful HR strategy within your organisation.

Employee's Voice Research
Choose Your Plan

Employee Voice comes in three formats – the Free, Premium and Premium Plus subscription.

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"It’s always a pleasure doing business with Esprimi.  What I particularly appreciate is the positive approach of the team. Unusual requests, tight deadlines and new methodologies are met with let’s see how we can do this. The objective of research is of course to learn, and I feel that in this fundamental aspect the Esprimi team shares my curiousity and desire to uncover hidden insights, not just for the sake of learning, but for real business impact."

Amanda Holmes

Marketing Manager, Melita Ltd

“Esprimi have offered outstanding service to our organisation.  They've transcended the Maltese borders, as we use their system in China and mostly in the Chinese language. The reports provided by Esprimi on the evaluation surveys filled in by the participants of our events have provided us with direct, professional and systematic feedback that has in turn enhanced our monitoring and evaluation of our activities.”

Etienne Micallef

Project Manager, International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

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