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We are an innovative research company in Malta specialising in market, employee and media research solutions. At Esprimi, we have the right resources and tools to drill down on opinions, trends, needs and perceptions, so that you can shape your business for future growth based on actual research findings. Our aim is to support your company in reaching its business and marketing objectives through the use of clear and comprehensible research data which can be easily integrated into the development of your business strategies. The Head of the Esprimi team is a member of the European Society of Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR). This binds us to follow the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research.

The Team

Morgan Parnis

Morgan Parnis


Vanessa Bajada

Vanessa Bajada

Director of Research

Stephanie Buhagiar

Stephanie Buhagiar

Research Executive

Kelly Mifsud

Kelly Mifsud

Team Leader - Interviewers

Elisa Tombion

Elisa Tombion


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“It’s always a pleasure doing business with Esprimi.  What I particularly appreciate is the positive approach of the team. Unusual requests, tight deadlines and new methodologies are met with let’s see how we can do this. The objective of research is of course to learn, and I feel that in this fundamental aspect the Esprimi team shares my curiousity and desire to uncover hidden insights, not just for the sake of learning, but for real business impact.”

Amanda Holmes

Marketing Manager, Melita Ltd

“Esprimi have offered outstanding service to our organisation.  They’ve transcended the Maltese borders, as we use their system in China and mostly in the Chinese language. The reports provided by Esprimi on the evaluation surveys filled in by the participants of our events have provided us with direct, professional and systematic feedback that has in turn enhanced our monitoring and evaluation of our activities.”

Etienne Micallef

Project Manager, International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

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About Us

Esprimi is an innovative market research company in Malta specialising in market, employee and media research solutions. 

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