In a rapidly changing business world, defining strategies for workforce development is constantly evolving.

Successful business leaders recognize that much of the knowledge required for businesses to be competitive is actually inside employees’ heads. Almost all research related to human resource management recognises that employee participation is constructive to the firm’s effectiveness and strategy.

Human resource management has a key role in improving strategic management decisions for organisations. This key role has led to many initiatives leading increased employee involvement and participation.

Business Leaders Malta has positioned itself as an enabler for human resource departments looking to convert these strategies into practical instruments. Research suggests that organisations that seek to promote employee voice are those that believe that “employees want to contribute to the business”. For employees to have an effective voice, it is crucial that they receive the feedback they seek.
In an ideal world there would be no need for the formal measurement of employee attitudes and employee opinions. Employers and managers would be consistently in tune with their staff and their work, enabling them to rate decisions to organisational circumstances.

The reality is different.

Both management and employees, at times, shy away from confrontation, leaving issues unresolved. BLM Employee Research has been consistently providing statistically significant data enabling many HR managers to make strong evidence based decisions.
BLM Employee Research benchmarks the perceptions employees have of their employers through a structured and data-oriented approach. The survey explores seven domains, each with 10 statements to delve into issues.
Participating organisations also obtain access to a report which compares the mean scores on each of the statements comprising the seven domains with those of all the aggregate scores of all participating organisations.

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