Market research is more accessible than ever

Agencies tasked with market research projects by businesses invariably create a research project specifically for the client and adopt a timeline specifically for the project. It is a method which works perfectly for complex, lengthy questionnaires or studies that require a very specific target audience.

Sometimes, however, it may not be necessary for businesses to take such a specific approach.

At times, businesses need opinions and information about the markets in which they operate without too many complexities in a relatively short timeframe, and at accessible pricing. Businesses sometimes struggle to answer just a few questions which would not justify the cost of wide-ranging, ad-hoc research.

Esprimi, BLM’s market research arm, has addressed this need with a new service – the omnibus study. This service provides a research tool which enables organisations to pitch in a number of research questions. The resulting questionnaire includes various topics or issues submitted by organisations operating in different sectors. It is not necessary for the questions to be related in any way.

The most distinct advantage of this methodology is cost-sharing. The costs relating to sampling and screening of respondents are shared among participating organisations without compromising the confidentiality of results. Clients only have access to the replies to their own questions. None of the information collected using the common tool are disseminated to other participants in the Omnibus study.

The omnibus research sample typically involves 400 members of the public, featuring a balanced mix of age, gender, socio-economic classification and residence profiles. The Esprimi omnibus takes place once every two months and can be carried out by phone or online interiews.

Omnibus surveys are commonly used for marketing performance measurement, market share analysis and brand tracking as well as brand awareness and brand sentiment research. Esprimi’s team experts help to optimise question structure to avoid bias and ambiguity.

For information about how the Esprimi Omnibus research tool can benefit your business, e-mail or call 2247 0730.


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