What is Esprimi?

We are an innovative research company in Malta specialising in market, employee and media research solutions. At Esprimi, we have the right resources and tools to drill down on opinions, trends, needs and perceptions so that you can shape your business for future growth based on actual research findings. Our aim is to support your company in reaching its business and marketing objectives through the use of clear and comprehensive research data which can be easily integrated into the development of your business strategies.


Our Solutions

Through our research solutions we thrive to satisfy business curiosities by using the most adequate methodologies depending on the specific requirement of the research project at hand. The following are the tools that we use for business solutions.

Market Insights

Market Insights uses a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research methods to gather data from various target audiences.

Employee Insights

Employee Insights provides you with detailed information gathered first hand from your employees that you can act upon to stay on top of your business.

Media Insights

Media Insights gathers an abundance of data on local media consumption that you can examine and filter to inform your advertising campaigns.

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Plan Your Business

Starting a business or introducing new products to the market involves thorough planning and making key financial and strategic decisions. A lot of effort goes into preparing your strategy for brand growth, finding niche areas and new customers. Market research at this stage determines what potential your ideas have in practice.


Run Your Business

After establishing your product and launching it, market research is used to identify your competitors, your brand’s standing in the market and monitor how your brand is doing when compared to your competitors. Market research will give you feedback that allows you to develop your brand further or act fast in cases where results are not in line with your strategy.

Grow Your Business

Establishing your customers’ satisfaction with your company, brand or product is essential for customer loyalty, which leads to growth. Similarly, your employees’ satisfaction at the place of work affects the way they interact with your customers, and therefore the customer experience. Market research checks the pulse of the market and extracts what people think of what you are offering.

From Our Clients

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"It’s always a pleasure doing business with Esprimi. What I particularly appreciate is the positive approach of the team. Unusual requests, tight deadlines and new methodologies are met with let’s see how we can do this. The objective of research is of course to learn, and I feel that in this fundamental aspect the Esprimi team shares my curiosity and desire to uncover hidden insights, not just for the sake of learning, but for real business impact."

Amanda Holmes, Marketing Manager, Melita Ltd

“Esprimi have offered outstanding service to our organisation. They've transcended the Maltese borders, as we use their system in China and mostly in the Chinese language. The reports provided by Esprimi on the evaluation surveys filled in by the participants of our events have provided us with direct, professional and systematic feedback that has in turn enhanced our monitoring and evaluation of our activities.”

Etienne Micallef, Project Manager, International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

"Esprimi were very helpful from the start. They understood our requirements instantly and they guided us really well. They delivered the results on time, which were perfectly analysed and very easy to understand and analyse ourselves. When we requested some more results they were super happy to provide them for us and once again they were done really well and on time. We highly recommend Esprimi and we look forward to working with them again in the future."

Christabel Galea, Marketing and Fulfilment Manager, Yellow

"We are extremely pleased with the way that Esprimi contributed to the project from beginning to end, they were very hands-on and part of the project throughout. ESPRIMI’s expertise was tremendously useful in guiding us with the selection process, coming-up with the appropriate questions in order to accurately determine the customer sentiment on a long and difficult customer journey. The results were presented in a dashboard which enabled us to get the most out of the survey through analysis of various different demographics. Thanks Esprimi for a very successful project."

Ray Gibson, MAPFRE MSV Life

Our Own Panel

The Esprimi Panel is a vibrant community of opinionated people ready to share their views on issues, trends, brands, products and services. This online panel is made up of thousands of customers from all age-groups with varied interests, diverse lifestyles, and different opinions. They are people from all walks of life in one space, ready and willing to speak their mind. Together, these people make up a sample which is representative of the general population in Malta. 

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Esprimi is an innovative market research company in Malta specialising in market, employee and media research solutions. 

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